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Erick Higuera is a Mexican multi-awarded underwater filmmaker, photographer, marine biologist and conservationist.

He has spent over 20 years exploring the waters of the Gulf of California, Guadalupe Island, the Archipelago of Revillagigedo (also known as the Socorro's Islands) and the Pacific coast of the Baja California Peninsula, filming and photographing great white sharks, whales, dolphins, sailfish and other spectacles in the deep blue off Mexico's shores. He’s also a scientist and author.

In 1997 he moved to the Baja California Peninsula, Mexico, where he earned a college degree in Marine Biology, while also obtaining scuba instructor ratings with SSI, TDI and PADI. He's also a member of the crew-family of the classic Solmar V a 112ft diving and exploration vessel with the best and most experienced crew Mexico has to offer, team member of the Shark Diving International, Shark Film Crew and the 333 Productions.

His documentary photography informs and creates an emotional connection with marine wildlife. His work delivers audiences to an underwater realm witnessed by few. Erick’s striking imagery has garnered worldwide recognition including numerous underwater film awards. Some of his work has appeared in several documentaries, also in Discovery Channel, Shark Week, BBC, Shark BBC, BBC Blue Planet II, National Geographic, Canal Once as well in the award-winning documentary feature México Pelágico available on Netflix.

He is the founder and CEO of KEPPBAJABLUE - Conservation and Ocean Awareness, whose mission is to build ocean awareness through projects, photos and videos so that the world can share in the rich biodiversity of the Baja California Peninsula, Mexico and that it may be preserved for generations to come. Ambassador of Nauticam and Huish Outdoors, member of Mares Mexicanos and one of the principal image makers for Pelagic Life whose main mission is to protect the open ocean marine life in México through inspiring awareness, jump-start ecotourism and promote sustainable consumption. His catalog is filled with amazing images of some of the ocean’s largest inhabitants.

In the last decade, Erick has collaborated with scientists, filmmakers, conservationists and explorers to create awareness and inspire action for ocean issues. During all this time he has seen how shark and manta populations in the Sea of Cortez have been depleted due to uncontrolled illegal fishing. His film projects that have received worldwide recognition are now getting local and political acclaim in Mexico to help educate fishermen and school children on the amazing value of their oceans.

Since 2006 Erick has been conducting scientific research on photo identification, satellite tagging, site fidelity, abundance estimate and movements patterns of the Pacific Giant Mantas (Manta birostris) in the Archipelago of Revillagigedo, México together and as part of the Whale Shark Mexico Project with the purpose of helping to create better management plans in order to increase the conservation of both species.

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